Up with the birds

In Bremen, Germany staying in an apartment on the 5th floor I look out at trees. There is a strip of parkland which runs both sides of a ‘moat’ built by Napoleon. The park is called the Wallanlagen. Oaks, chestnuts, linden and birches line the banks and street. The water, which seems still but is probably moving, very slowly, has been redirected from the river Weser.

Being so high I look into the top of the oak tree across the narrow street. The people walking below take my attention only momentarily.
I am aware of the birds, the wood pigeons, the gulls, the ducks, the rooks, the sparrows but mainly the black birds.

The black birds have been nesting in the space round a down pipe which comes from the terrace of the attic apartment. There are wonderful landing places, the glass wall dividing our balcony from the neighbour’s, the top of the awning, the down pipe itself. We watch the birds going in and out busy feeding a young one. However, very young it is not.

The following morning as I eat my breakfast I notice a flurry of activity. The young bird has left the nest. And in no time the adults are preparing another nest! It is May the days are long and quite cool. They must be taking a chance of getting another young one grown.