“This exhibition will bring together selected works by leading and emerging book artists across Australia, celebrating the book as a dynamic contemporary art form that takes many shapes.”
Curated by Liz Jeneid, Judy Bourke, Kathryn Orton and Lucia Parrella

Participating artists: Lisa Giles, Liz Jeneid, Mary Rosengren, Judy Barrass, Penelope Lee, Ruth Thompson, Kathryn Orton, Alan Purdom, Sandra Pearce, Caren Florance, Megan Edwards, Danielle Creenaune, Impediment Press (Susan Anderson & Gwen Harrison), Avril Makula, Laura Castell, Lizzie Buckmaster Dove, Alison Muir, Roslyn Kean, Diana Wood Conroy, Fran Ifould, Monica Oppen, Jude Hungerford, Lesley Goldacre, Dianne Fogwell, Dianne Longley, Judy Bourke, Tori De Mestre, Lucia Parrella, Marama Warren, Anne-Maree Hunter, Robyn Foster, Hannah Parker, Rowan Conroy, Peter Ward.

Venue: Clifton School of Arts clinging to the escarpment in the Illawarra region south of Sydney, north of Wollongong.
4th –12th November 2023