Channel-billed cuckoo

The squawk, squawk, squawk of a baby bird begging for food itches in my ear… squawk, squawk, squawk. But it’s rougher, more irritating, scratchier than squawk, squawk, squawk. I go out onto the veranda because I know this baby bird is in the jacaranda…squawk, squawk, squawk. I search for it. First I see a currawong… Continue reading Channel-billed cuckoo

4 stages to Summer

We have passed the Summer solstice and so are heading towards Winter again. But before we turn fully away from the Spring here is that familiar transition from Winter to Summer as expressed by the interwoven wisteria and jacaranda. The blossoms come, the leaves come, the blossoms fall, the leaves come… the blossoms fall but… Continue reading 4 stages to Summer

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