More about birds

Because the young bird had flown and the new nest was not complete we decided to block the access to their nesting place. We broke clay pots and fitted them around the pipe. The first lot the blackbirds managed to dislodge. Our second attempt also failed. Then with bigger pieces I jammed the hole so nothing moved and nothing could be moved by birds with beaks. Slowly they had to admit defeat. 

A few days later I notice blue tits (Cyanistes caeruleus caeruleus) flying into the neighbour’s pipe. They come and go, returning every few minutes with a tiny morsel of food for a chick.
When I return from Zürich the birds are gone, the young flown, I hope.

Nearby on the Stadtgraben a coot (Fulica atra) has made a nest of curling grass, reed stems and leaves surrounded by a garden of lily leaves. 

After about two weeks the incubation time is over and the other day I notice there are chicks in the nest. The following day the chicks are old enough to swim. There are six, fluffy balls with bald red heads going out into the world.